Where On Earth Have I Been All This Time?

Why hello there everyone! Those of you who follow me and my work have probably noticed that I have been largely absent from the internet for the past few months. A few of you have even reached out inquiring about my well-being (much appreciated!).

Luckily, the absence has not been the result of any kind of tragedy or the like. To make a long story short, I accepted a new job that required me to move to the Eastern United States. This has meant moving and acclimating to my new home and a new career. The good news is that I’m finally starting to get settled in, which means that my usual exploration and photography shenanigans are starting back up again!

What’s to Come?

As I mentioned, I have a whole new area to explore. I imagine I’ll be producing quite a bit of work from West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding areas. The great thing is that all of these states have plenty of great stuff to get out and shoot. Additionally, I now have a whole new world of the eastern shore of The United States to explore.

Additionally, I still have a massive backlog from living in Kentucky to go through. This means that there will likely still be a fair bit of my usual work coming out for the foreseeable future as I work on producing new work. Be sure to keep an eye on my portfolio!

In short, I’ll be producing more work like I always have, just in a new area 🙂

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