Photographing Leapfrog 2 Arch

Leap Frog 2 Arch, Kentucky.

Leapfrog 2 Arch is an arch that, to the best of my knowledge, had never been properly documented until I took this image. The arch is located on a shelf about 15-20 feet up the cliffside. There really isn’t a great way to get up to the top of it, so I ended up having to improvise a bit.

While my friend, Bill Fultz, spent some time photographing another arch that was nearby, I hiked back to my car to grab a rope, harness, and a few other bits of gear. I came back up the hill with the gear and proceeded to spend what is probably an embarrassing amount of time attempting to get my climbing rope up and through the arch.

After what seemed like a trillion tries, I finally managed to get my rope passed through the arch. I anchored one end to a nearby tree and put a set of Purcell Prusiks on the other end and proceeded to ascend the rope up onto the shelf containing the arch.

Me doing my shenanigans to get into the arch.

Once I reached the level of the arch I got my shots and did a bit of exploring. Just to the left of the arch, burrowing into the side of the cliff, was a cave-like formation. Being the kind of guy I am, I couldn’t resist crawling back into the hole. Upon closer inspection, I was delighted to find that this formation contained an entire arch complex. Unfortunately, there is no way to photograph this arch complex, but I did take some (awful, shaky) video of it:

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