About Adam Thompson


My name is Adam Thompson, though I’m sometimes better known online as The Serial Photog. I am a Maryland-based landscape photographer specializing in capturing the beauty that can be found in abundance throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

My photographic journey got started among the towering sandstone cliffs, roaring waterfalls, and impressive natural arches of Eastern Kentucky. It is this area where I really found my love for the outdoors and landscape photography.

These days I call the Mid-Atlantic region of The United States home. While the landscapes here are quite a bit different than those I came to love in Kentucky, there is plenty of beauty to be found throughout this part of the country and I’m certain there will be plenty of new photographic pursuits to come!

My goal is to create captivating art that will make people fall in love with the subjects I shoot. I believe that making people fall in love with these landscapes is the only true way to get them to care enough to protect them for many generations to come. Along the way I hope to share my stories and what I’ve learned.

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