A Few Recent Images from Auxier Ridge in the Red River Gorge

Over the past few months, I have spent a fair bit of time out on Auxier Ridge in the Red River Gorge portion of Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest. Despite the area featuring some of the best views in the entire Bluegrass, I rarely spend this much time out there during the warmer months since it’s quite the popular area. This year, however, has been an exception.

Over the course of these quick trips out onto the ridge, I’ve captured a few new images. Let’s take a look!

Sunset Auxier Sunset

The sunset from Auxier Ridge, Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes of having a productive night when I headed out for sunset with Josh Lowe. The skies were almost completely overcast with some rather stormy looking clouds. This was the case for pretty much the entire time we were out there, sans a couple of short breaks (see the next image).

To my surprise, however, things started to heat up when sunset rolled around. The skies ended up bursting with color and I was even able to get a sweet sunstar as the sun dipped below the horizon!

Breaking Through

“Breaking Through” – Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

This was shot during the same trip as the previous sunset image. With the skies completely overcast we were mostly just hanging out waiting to see what would happen during sunset. To our surprise (and delight), the clouds parted just enough to let the sun to break through. The resulting light on the landscape was quite incredible, though these few moments were short lived before everything clouded over again.

An Evening on Auxier Ridge

This one was captured during yet another sunset trip out onto Auxier Ridge. This time around, however, there were very few clouds to speak of. As a result, there was little color from the sunset.

With this in mind, I opted to focus more on the shape of the ridge line, with Courthouse rock in the background and a rather photogenic tree near the foreground. To my delight, this composition also featured a lovely, single cloud that managed to catch a bit of color from the sunset. This cloud is the element that really brought this shot together!

That’s It (For Now)

While I don’t normally do this many trips to such a busy spot in the Gorge during this time of year, I sure am glad that I made some exceptions this year! I think the images I got from my efforts were well worth it 🙂

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